The Pale Moonlight

Writer/Director/Editor | 2014 | Short Film

Set in a dystopian future where the world is dying from a crippling disease, a mysterious figure visits an illegal drug den in the hope of sourcing a rumoured cure, but unwittingly gets caught up in a robbery that could threaten his chances of making it back out alive…

With thousands dying from auto-immune disease everyday, society is corrupt and broken in the not-too-distant future. Illegal drug dens have sprung up across the country, leaching on the suffering masses that crave a quick fix on the way to death.

Howard Leslie is all too familiar with this existence, but when he learns that miracle cure T8 is rumoured to be at an unassuming drug den, he throws away any moral code he has left and plans to hold up the establishment – by force if necessary.

When everything you stand for is tested and lives of the ones you love are placed on the line, what are you prepared to sacrifice in order to save them?

Starring Matt Boesenberg, Lauren Orrell, Peter McAllum, Stephen Kau and Gael Ballantyne.

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OFFICIAL SELECTION – Fantasia International Film Festival 2014
OFFICIAL SELECTION – HollyShorts Film Festival Los Angeles 2014
OFFICIAL SELECTION – Lift-Off Film Festival Sydney 2016
WINNER – Awardeo’s Video Of The Week
OFFICIAL SELECTION – Daily Short Pick, Film Shortage 2016