threecoin is the production company banner for films, music videos, documentaries and other varied works produced by director and writer Tin Pang.

The name was coined (all puns aside) way back in 2004 during the production of Tin’s first short film, Finding Daniel’s Drive. It was known as Three Coin Pictures back then, highlighting the three main creatives working on Daniel, as well as serving as both a nod to Tin’s full name, and the film Three Coins in the Fountain.

The name would be later stylised to become threecoin, streamlined in order to represent the varied mediums beyond pictures that the brand engages in, including graphic design, web design and music.

The threecoin logo has seen an evolution over the years, from humble beginnings to the ‘three lenses’ symbol used today.

For Tin, whatever the project may be, from short film to score composition, threecoin will always remain dedicated to telling the story, finding the truth and engaging the audience.